Review of the ODA framework

Our demands

  • Partnerships for sustainable development should comply with the local ownership of development processes, whereby all relevant stakeholders, including local communities and CSOs can be actively involved. We also call on donors to uphold the integrity of ODA and of effectiveness agenda.
  • Call on DAC members to immediately reverse the decline in ODA as a share of GNI, fulfil and where possible exceed the 0.7% target for ODA in the form of unconditional grants and technical support;
  • Call on all donors to ensure that development aid is not diverted but reinforces humanitarian response to the crisis and to ensure that emergency responses are aligned with developing country priorities without conditionalities.
The dimension of Gender Equality

While structural challenges are addressed at the global level, ODA is still a means to promote gender equality. Although the active presence of the feminist and women’s movement is the main indicator of the steady increase of gender equality measures in a country, and although we are in a time where more funding has been allocated to gender equality, it has to be said that only 1% of it is allocated to feminist and women’s organizations, networks and movements.